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Harj + Sonia
Edmonton, AB
Urban Engagement Session

I was SO excited when Harj emailed me asking if I would be up to photograph him and his beautiful bride to be for an engagement session. Back in 2016, I had the pleasure of capturing their proposal at the stunning Devon Botanical Gardens  which was an evening filled with laughter, happy tears and love! They said they were looking to do a more Urban vibe without the busyness of downtown Edmonton and I knew just the place to take them! It was a hot summer night and the view of the city skyline was epic. Sonia came out of the car looking absolutely gorgeous in a white lace dress and I could tell by the way Harj looked at her, this was going to be a romanic and fun session! We ventured down a bike path not to far off of the look out and caught some shots within the lush green pathway. It was nice and peaceful, all you could hear was the birds, the soft buzz of the city traffic and of course, the sound of the occasional local row team practicing on the river below.

Next stop…which I would say was probably one of the coolest places to photograph at, was a roof top parking lot within the city centre. While they went to change, I stood on the roof, watching the sun peak behind the skyscrapers and I thought to myself, damn…I love my job! Sonia and Harj came walking up, hand in hand, looking like models straight off of a magazine cover. Honestly, the two of them could wear paper bags and look great because the love they had for one another was evident and that’s what shined through.

I had such a fun time with these two, they were down to try anything I suggested and I know I was feeling extra hyper that evening so I was Miss Chatty and I don’t think it bothered them one bit. They were calm and natural with one another and it made for a really beautiful engagement session.

Thank you Harj and Sonia, I am so happy that I got to be there to photograph your proposal and now your engagement! Wishing you two years of love and happiness together as you enter into this next chapter of your lives!



Hair + Make-Up by Amber Ali


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