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Nicole + Chris
Stony Plain, AB
Couples Session/ Post Wedding Photoshoot

Nicole was referral from my amazing friend Alisa and I couldn’t have been more happy to take part in capturing her love story with her hubby Chris. Usually in my blogs I chat about our session and time spent together but I thought this time I would ask my couple to tell me about their  story in their own words! I loved how they connected and I am totally a firm believer in everything happening for a reason! The stamps were married August 12th 2017 at the Government House in Old Glenora and we had arranged to do a session in celebration of that! Thanks so much you two for allowing me to document your love story. I am so happy to have met you and now call you my friends!

To my readers, sit back, relax, read their story and enjoy the photos!



Mr. and Mrs. Stamp
Before Nicole and I met each other, we never spent much time thinking about the power of ‘destiny and fate’. But since we have met each other, we’ve often witnessed its power. 
We connected through online dating. From there, we moved to text messaging and then we shifted to an old-fashioned method called ‘talking on the phone’. 
We had great conversations, but out of no where, the flow of phone calls and text messages stopped. How is it that we never ran into one bad conversation, that we are now at the point of not talking to each other? The dating world is an odd world that can be filled with skepticism. Perhaps that’s what it was. Maybe we both thought this was going too good to be true, and that something must be wrong with the other person. Who knows. 
One Saturday morning, about a week later, I woke up and decided to get some furniture from Sears at Southgate Mall. I never go to this location, but for some reason, I did that morning. 
After buying furniture, I was on my way out of the mall, but again for some reason, I quickly changed direction and headed left rather than straight. 
I was now going down a wide corridor when I heard a girl’s voice say,  ‘Chris’. It barely sounded like a question, but rather sounded more like certainty. It sounded like she was positive it was me. I looked directly forward and Nicole was walking in my exact pathway. 
How could this be? How could we both be in the same exact spot at exactly the same time? 
Funny enough, Nicole had a much similar day of ending up there too. Neither one of us lived remotely close to that mall or that area of this big city. 
At that very moment on that morning, we had our first date. It lasted about three hours or more in the mall. We had a tea/coffee, browsed, and walked and talked a lot. It was such an unplanned date. We didn’t spend hours or days to prepare for this date. We didn’t think about what to wear or what to say, or where or when to go somewhere. We just let it happen. It was one of the most exciting days of our lives. The date and each other’s company was so natural and so candid. It was like we knew that we were meant to be together forever since we first laid eyes on one another. Nicole and I feel that we are a perfect fit. 
Since that day that destiny and fate made us meet each other, we have had many many dates since. To be honest, it will always be difficult to top that first date. It was real. It was the beginning of love. 
Some time later, I asked the beautiful and wonderful girl to marry me on the top of Mount Haleakala (10,000-foot elevation) in Maui, Hawaii. Nicole said, “YES” without hesitation. That was a great vacation and of course, a great milestone in life. Having such a loving person to settle down with in life was always my plan, her plan, and most people’s plans. 
We are fortunate to have each other; to have been pushed to meet. To be honest, our relationship has been effortless and so naturally fitting. Recently, we got married. We kept our wedding very simple and stress-free. That day was another great day to the list of great days. 
Anyway, to sum it all up, we realized that dating can allow you to find someone special. Never give up and to never walk away when something is “too good to be true”. If you do walk away because you feel that way, sometimes it might not end up being your choice exactly. You can’t stop destiny and fate. And most of all, you can’t stop LOVE 🙂
Chris and Nicole 


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