How do we know if we are good fit for each other?

Choosing a photographer is a big decision! There are so many factors to weigh and I know I'm not going to be for everyone and that's ok! And here's the sitch people, there is a lot of talk about having an 'ideal client' and you know what that means to me? Someone who respects me, trusts me and values me. I am here because you and your photos are my priority and you're here because hopefully you think I am a semi decent human, you like my style and wanna have fun while capturing an important day in your life! If this resonates with you - then shit ya, we will be a good fit! 

Do you meet with people before booking? 
Typically, FaceTime, email and a phone call is how I communicate with the majority of my couples. If you would like to meet in person and share a coffee or a beer that can be absolutely arranged, however my schedule is usually based around the boss man AKA my Toddler. 

How long have you been photographing weddings for? 
I started documenting weddings as a second shooter for another local photographer back in 2015. Since then it has been full steam ahead on my own! All in all I think I have over 50+ weddings under my belt. 

Do you travel?
HECK YES I travel! I am local to Edmonton, Alberta, but love to travel and try to do it as much as I possibly can! Come with me and let's do a kick ass session in the mountains! 

Do you edit all the photos you give us?
Yes! Every single one. I take a lot of pride in my work and although I do love a natural warm and earthy look to my photos; each individual photo you receive I have my put whole heart into making extra beautiful! 

Will any of our photos be black + white?
You will receive a mixture of both black and white and color photos. I will use my artistic discretion to decide which photos will look best black and white. However, the majority of your photos will be in color.

How are my photos delivered?
You get your images via a personal online gallery. All the photos downloaded straight to your computer! The gallery will stay up for about a month but I encourage backups to hard drives and computers! 

Can we have the RAW images?
I do not give out any RAW files or unedited images and here's why! RAW images are large massive files that take up a lot of space on your computer and include all of the blinking, sneezing, weird faces and moments that don't necessarily tell the story of how beautiful your wedding day was! That's why you hired me right - to be your eye and to give you the best images possible that reflect your day! 

How many images can I expect?
For lifestyle sessions you can expect roughly 30-40 images. For weddings I shoot on average 50-70 photos per hour, pending on what is going on in the day.
I shoot with a story telling perspective so I try to make sure I am giving you as many photos as I can that tell the story of your day! 

When will we receive our photos?
Delivery times vary. 1-4 months depending on my workload but I work my butt off to get them to you as fast as I can.

Do we get a print release?
Absolutely! You will receive printing rights to print whichever photos your heart desires. You can also order prints directly from the gallery and the photos are super high-quality and professionally printed! 

Can we share our images on social media?
YES, please! You have shared rights to the images and can use them for whatever reason you'd like. I just ask that no cropping, editing, or adding filters be done to the images since I've already spent lots of time and effort doing that for you!

What does it take to book a session or wedding with you? 
A signed contract and a 30% deposit! Boom. Done! 


I strive for open and honest communication and it's key in having this whole process run as smoothly as possible! 

If you have any other questions please email me! 

Have more questions?contact me here!